Since I started working with Ruth, I have made changes in my life that I never thought would be possible. I no longer feel stuck and I’m excited about what is happening in my life and the changes I am making with the help of Ruth. I don’t think I have ever felt so calm in my body.  – Kim (Fitness Specialist)

“In just short weeks in working with Ruth, I began to glimpse a sense of well-being I’d never had. As we continue to work, this sense of relevance and worth increasingly pops up, reminding me that I’m on the right path. Thank-you Ruth!” – Al (caregiver/artist)

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your remarkable talent for literally bringing such “clarity” to the situations in my life. I found our session today particularly meaningful and insightful. –  Jacquie (Life Catalyst)

“You have been so helpful in guiding me on my path to get in tune with myself and connected with my true desires, passion and inner excellence. This adventure has been life changing for me and you have been a complete blessing – I cannot thank you enough.” – Melanie (Chiropractor)

“Coming to see you was one of the best things I ever did. I’m no longer on the doorstep, I’m through the door and there is no turning back … ”  – Dylan (Writer)

“I am a business coach and sales trainer. A colleague, whom I respect greatly, said that in order to have integrity as a coach I should have a coach of my own. This made a lot of sense to me. I found myself facing some career transition choices and really lacked clarity on a solid process to sort this out. Ruth helped me to give myself permission to do what I wanted to do versus what I thought I should do. She listens well and helps you to find the answers within yourself. She does this by helping you get the roadblocks out of the way. The atmosphere is conducive to you quickly transitioning from the concerns you walked in with so you can clarify your thinking toward action that gets you where you want to be. It is always safe and Ruth is validating throughout the process.”  – Shaun (Business Coach and Sales Trainer)

“I’m fully living, breathing freely with my wings behind me … whatever tasks are ahead I know I will be okay. Reading my notes from my sessions is like a magic wand for me. Works so well when I’m tuned. I do need to learn how to trust myself and not judge. My connection with my husband feels GREAT! It’s not just a matter of being a husband a wife, it’s MORE than this! It’s only the beginning of a great journey, and I want it to flourish day after day! Thank you!” – Lena (Designer/Entrepreneur)

“You helped me really clarify my intentions and move more boldly toward my goals. We often think that we’re doing fine on our own but I see now what a great benefit it is to invest in oneself and work with a coach. It’s the difference between trudging along another year or two to realize one’s objectives or taking a leap and getting there in far far less time. I really appreciate your ability to quickly sift through all the data and focus on what really counts and all this in a very safe and non-judgemental way. Fabulous! Thanks again for a very valuable experience.” – Kharim (professional photographer)

“Ruth can listen to someone’s “truth” and accept that it is the truth for that person. That open energy is about fully accepting that person for who s/he is. It’s about having the innate ability to help someone hear him/herself; to be able to receive everything and reflect back the important bits”
– Susan (Start-up Specialist / Entrepreneur)

“Thank you for the session yesterday. I’m absolutely fascinated by the work you do. Simply brilliant, and inspiring. So so interesting – especially to experience it myself at the same time as being able to step back every now and then and really appreciate the craft and gift in the combination of healing, reflecting, highly attuned listening, space-holding, mentoring, guidance, intuition, (the list is too long to cover!) you seamlessly bring together. So happy to have the chance to encounter your work on my path” – Jo (Holistic Bodywork Practitioner)

“Ruth brings you to a place where you can breathe & take stalk”
– Brian (Corporate Executive)

Hi Ruth,
I have found it! My inner strength . I feel the place where my power is and you have shown me how to access it. It is definitely a practised art to get there, which I am doing with a simple tap of my fingers. The feeling for me is a definite dropping in sensation. Part of being in this place is to be present, relaxed, rested and nourished. There are so many things in life that keep us from this place. I believe we were born in this place and the world changes us. Maybe this is the life quest for us all?
Thank-you Ruth, you have a wonderful gift that you are sharing. – Marjie (singer)

“Simply put, Ruth really makes a difference in my life” – Susan (Entrepreneur)

“I began working with Ruth a few years ago; when I felt that I was a little stuck in my leadership style, and abilities to manage a group of over 100 people. What has emerged out of my sessions with Ruth, is an acceleration into what I wanted but wasn’t sure how to get. Whenever I think I am done with sessions, a little time passes and I realize that I need another Ruth boost. She catapults me to a place where I walk out of my session and I put the wheels in motion to become more and expect more of myself and my group than I thought possible. Through my sessions with Ruth, clarifying my focus and motivations has impacted not only my professional life but my personal life as well, in more ways than I thought imaginable.” – Dominique (Musical Director)

“Personable, On Time, High Integrity: For the past two years Ruth Andermatt’s consulting, coaching and teambuilding events have been instrumental in helping me build an effective management team. Ruth’s knowledge, enthusiasm, caring, dedication and professional attributes are just a few of the reasons I will continue to utilize her services. I highly recommend Ruth’s extraordinary services to anyone that would like to maximize their potential.” – Martin (CEO aerospace industry)

Ruth has always proved to be a most interested and interesting observer of my life path. In our last session Ruth, again, intuitively hit the nail on the head and assisted me in clarifying obstacles, frustrations and invited me to look at the symbols that were showing up in my life as tools to discover the seemingly obvious messages I was missing. After the session, I felt an immense release and opening. Thank you Ruth for your ability to coach the best outta’ me! – Jean (‘Associate Power Coach’)

“Ruth supported me through a big life change, she was my rock, my ground. I felt safe to be myself with her. I connected to the universe, life outside of me. I became more aware of my feelings and how to express them, I learned how to set boundaries in a way that works for me. I now live in a healthy, happy, loving relationship with my husband – my dreams have come true – and I was able to access this possibility within myself through Ruth.” – Mary (fitness industry)

“My sessions with Ruth were a time and a place that were safe, honest, encouraging, real, surprising (sometimes) and spiritual. I looked forward to every session because I knew something great was going to come out of it. The process yielded an appreciation for ME – for who I am, for what I bring to the world and the people around me when I show up just as I am. I think it helped me get over the last hurdles that were still tripping me up so that I could truly move forward.” – Linda (Accountant)

“When I worked with Ruth I found THAT she brought clarity to the issues I was dealing with by asking me questions that would help me to focus. I came to work with Ruth because she told me I would benefit from the sessions, and I have. I think regular people who are off course, or are trying to address challenging situations that may be new to them or overwhelming them would find working with Ruth to be very helpful.” – Rick (Educator)

“A friend/co-worker who was working with Ruth recommended her to me. My life seemed to have a grey cloud over it and I could see that my friend was now moving happily forward. It took some courage to book a session. I’m not sure what I was afraid of. Ruth has been wonderful. She seems to know what you need each session while pushing you a little further out of your rut. I have learned a lot about reframing my perceptions of the world around me and how to accept life as a journey. The grey cloud is gone and I am moving happily forward too.”- Judy (Accountant)

“In session, I experience a deep sense of peace, grounding, quieting of my Spirit. I feel like I am restored to myself – that essentially, the business of my life and the frenzy of my thoughts take me away from my own true nature. With Ruth, I come back to myself very quickly, and once there, I am able to re-align with my purpose, my commitments and my passions. In working with Ruth, I have come to understand my life’s purpose more deeply and more clearly.”
Caroline (Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor)

Ruth is very knowledgeable, genuine, outgoing and generous. During our time together she not only brings solid business acumen, she gently leads me into exploring both my personal and professional objectives. She has done so with compassion and wisdom in all accounts and I have felt reassured and confident in my decision making process each step of the way. She has the ability to focus on the the bigger picture while not missing the smaller details. Ruth has truly made a difference in my own personal life and in the smooth running of our business.
– Sherri (author)

“As we explored my life, Ruth has shared her intuitive insights and impressions; she has consistently challenged my perspective and enlarged my view of what is possible. Along the way she has given me specific tasks to do (writing exercises, centering exercises, meditation tasks; conversations to have with people; lists to make; plans to develop etc). Where I used to look at various possible work scenarios, see there viability, but feel that I wasn’t ‘enough’ to do them, I discover myself saying ‘yes, I could do that”.
 – Mary (Education and Health Consultant)


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