As the leader of your company, team, or organization, you are expected to hold the vision and to know how to get there. At times this is fun and exciting and during other chapters, this can be overwhelming. Many clients that come to work with me are maxed and are wanting things to be simple. By integrating your intellect with your intuition, you will find that bringing clarity and wisdom into your leadership becomes less effort with more impact!


Your session is conducted 1 to 1 over Zoom/Facetime or on the phone. The Leadership coaching sessions dive directly into your details of what is, and what needs to be occurring in your work place in order for your leadership to up-level and flourish. We move at your pace to ensure full integration of all the skills. It is a safe place for you to soundboard ideas and to gain an understanding of how you can create and execute your vision with simple, solid sustainable steps.

You will learn to lead according to your distinct leadership style. We often get told how to do things, but it is rarely in line with who we are and how we optimally operate – it is like telling a morning person they must do their accounting late at night when their system just doesn’t seem to flourish at that hour of the clock.


My background is as an accomplished leader and executive with growing edge telecommunication and information technology companies. I have specific expertise in strategic planning for optimizing and sustaining results, igniting potential and creating winning teams, as well as developing and facilitating executive and staff leadership training.


“Overall, I’m having more impact with less effort and having more fun.  I’m now getting to do the things I really enjoy in running my businesses.”

“I’m now able to ask for and receive the support I require. I’ve shifted the minutia out of the way and onto those who are meant to be handling that work.”

 “I’ve been able to create personal time. I’m spending more time with the kids, there’s a smoother family connection and I’ve even read four books. I haven’t done that in 25 years!”