Clients often say: 

“My life is good,but it’s not GREAT”

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi

Each of us has the ability to tap into our inner wisdom, our intuition, our ‘gut feeling.’ But not all of us listen. Cultivating intuition can provide a deeply satisfying connection to the guidance so many of us seek – particularly when needing support through challenging chapters in our lives such as job loss, divorce or the death of a loved one.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

If an initial consultation convinces me that a client is committed to the process, she/he begins the first of four 90-minute block sessions. Clients are invited into my home office, or the work may be done through telephone or Skype. In a safe, supportive environment, often with the aid of my dog Loosey, clients are asked to speak their truth. “For most people, they’ve never let somebody witness them wholeheartedly, because my role is not to judge, not to be a cheerleader, simply to observe them and bear witness to their honesty and fullness of being,”. Tuning into my intuition, I help clients ‘see’ themselves in a new way; one that integrates their intuition with their rational mind and wakes them to their own dreams and aspirations.

Who Needs Life Coaching?

People who want to accelerate through the transitions in their lives that they find most challenging, or even paralysing, and recognize that they can’t or don’t want to do it on their own. While this can be precipitated by a big life change, often people come to Ruth who seemingly ‘have it all’ – money, a relationship, kids, health – and yet they feel hollow and unfulfilled.

How is Life Coaching different than Counselling or Therapy

Unlike traditional counselling,  Life Coaching does not involve an examination of how you got to be the person you are. I don’t go into how your wiring got set up. We don’t do a flow chart of where you dropped the ball.  Clients will however, be invited to explore painful feelings, which I consider to be portals into deeper intimacy and connectedness, “where the magic and wonder and mystery reveals itself.”