“While it was initially difficult to fit coaching into my schedule, before long I realized that our sessions were a great way to carve out time to think options through when everything seemed to be moving at a breakneck pace. I eventually found our time together to be very important, and almost sacred for me. There are not a lot of people who are able to understand the various goings-on at the very highest level of a sizeable company, but Ruth has been a valuable sounding board for many important decisions. One example that stands out is her assistance in helping me better engage my management team. She also encouraged me to take better care of myself and find the right work-life balance, which is challenging for any busy entrepreneur. I valued Ruth’s intuition, listening skills, business sense, natural understanding of people, and empathetic nature – she was really able to put herself in my shoes and understand my unique situation. I would definitely recommend her services to any high-achieving, driven businessperson who feels stretched to his or her limits.” Mark D. Pillon, P.Eng., President of the Pillon Holdings Group of Companies

“I chose to work with Ruth as I was in need of objective guidance. Through working with Ruth I see myself having greater impact and farther reach. Taking time to reflect and refine is constructive and useful, not indulgent as I might have previously thought. Ruth is very good at honing in on what’s important and where to focus or tweak so that things shift and change positivelyThe most powerful piece of working with Ruth is being able to integrate and understand my strengths and abilities, and how I add value to those around me.” Sarah White, Fairware COO

“Whether my day is full or not, I find a huge amount of gratitude towards these moments of coaching with Ruth. I’m feeling more confident in my abilities to lead, and I’m having fun in it all while staying connected to myself, my family and everyone around me. I’ve developed a mindset that I can do anything! It may not happen over night, but I am leading in the way that is me. Ruth has shone the light for me in my leadership and in my personal growth. I am more attune with my surroundings and in-tune with myself. I now truly understand the importance of self-care which allows me to stay connected and grounded. Even through the face of all the challenges, changes and difficulties, there is so much fun to be had!”
Aimee Jo Fines, Operations Manager Dorigo Systems Ltd.

“Coaching with Ruth motivated me to get going on my own succession planning. I now understand the urgency, and the importance of planning for my future after running a successful company for 29 years. I understand how easy it is to put me last, and dedicating time to the coaching sessions allowed me to gain perspective on what I want to create with my next career move. Ruth has a way of asking questions that got me thinking outside my box. With these new insights, I am looking forward to creating a way of being involved with my business without having to be the driver of the daily details by hiring the person that can move things forward.” Jeff Magnolo, President Peerless Engineering Sales Ltd.

“Ruth-time” is fast becoming my favourite thing to partake in! The time I have spent with her has really allowed me to focus and channel my energies in positive and impactful ways. Her unique perspective on leadership and working smart has brought me to a point of clarity. I am a more impactful and successful leader. I cannot tell you how many times a day I utilize the many tools she has taught me to diffuse a delicate situation or to ground me when I feel my stress level about to go into overdrive. On a personal level, having the coaching conversations with Ruth has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. It has given me back to myself. The monumental shift in how I view myself now will carry me through the happiest and most challenging times moving forward. This experience has enriched me, and has made me realize I am important and that I care about my life as well as my work. I am now initiating positive changes daily no matter how small or big. I continue to grow under her guidance and am excited each day to write that next chapter of my story!” Doris Meadley, Business Development & Sales Manager, Enigma Interconnect

“Ruth’s coaching is very different from other coaching and really gets you to centre in on YOU. I feel more grounded and I am able to channel my energy into more effective leadership. I am there to ignite, to provoke thought, to set expectations for excellence. It was powerful to know that I had someone in my corner whom I could talk candidly with about anything and that I would get candid, honest feedback. This is more than just business coaching. Skills are relatable and transferrable to all aspects of life.” Rachel

“I first worked with Ruth at a time when I was going through a particularly difficult life transition. It was something I had never navigated before. I felt lost, confused and couldn’t see through it. Working with Ruth took the panic and fear away for me. She allowed me to see that what I was doing was difficult, but it was worth it and there was a path through. The skills I learned have been invaluable when encountering other crossroads and decisions in my life and career. Ruth has a remarkable ability to create a safe, grounded space that allows you to step back from the day-to-day chaos of life to look deeper to find what is truly important -whether that be a life question or a business decision. She is amazingly intuitive and has a way of pulling things out of me that I cannot see.” Christian Perkins, Entrepreneur

“I have developed a calm strength. In the face of chaos I can see and hear solutions and possibilities. Before all I saw were hurdles. I was running on empty and working really hard. Ruth has given me tools to learn how to calibrate my energy and encouraged me to access supportive resources. I haven’t always liked her suggestions because I was often too stuck pushing through.  I didn’t know how to stop and listen. Now I can sit, breathe, listen and hear. Ruth is firm, yet kind. She doesn’t blow sunshine up your you know what, she’s logical, supportive and encouraging. She calls me on my stuff and doesn’t let me talk my way out. Working with Ruth has changed my life . I am confident, more resilient and proud. I can lead the way I always hoped possible.”   Joanne Morgan, Clinic Owner, Personal Best Exercise Therapy Ltd.

“The leadership coaching with Ruth has provided me with more self-awareness and better self-care. I feel I’ve developed a more efficient way to operate that allows for high performance. I have more confidence/experience during difficult conversations – more tools to deal with it. You were easy to talk to and instilled me with a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement. Your direct, no nonsense style and ability to develop trust is key to the process and you clearly have the skills and experience to influence others. Thank you.” Chris, Financial Industry

“For the past two years Ruth Andermatt’s consulting, coaching and team-building events have been instrumental in helping me build an effective management team. Ruth’s knowledge, enthusiasm, caring, dedication and professional attributes are just a few of the reasons I utilized her services. I highly recommend Ruth’s extraordinary services to anyone that would like to maximize their potential.” 
Martin Burgisser, Operations Executive 

“My working relationship with Ruth has been extremely valuable to my day to day activities as Executive Director of a non-profit society. Her positive nature and ability to look at situations from all different angles lends helpful perspective to the operational decisions that I make on a daily basis. In my time working with Ruth my confidence has grown in the areas of direct communication with others and belief in my own abilities. I would strongly recommend investing in training and consultancy with Ruth Andermatt. You have had a profound impact on me in our short time working together and cannot thank you enough.” Derek, Executive Director Non-Profit Society

“Working with Ruth was the best training I have ever had.  Ruth is great at connecting with people and immediately made me feel completely accepted and safe.  She helped bring my best forward and opened my eyes to the unlimited opportunities that lay before me.  I now own my own business, and I am happier, healthier and a better mom.  Before working with Ruth,  I didn’t know I could be completely true to myself and still achieve financial success. My work now rejuvenates me instead of tiring me out.” Vicky Ng, CFA, MBA 

“Ruth brings you to a place where you can breathe & take stock” Brian, Corporate Executive

“Initially I was nervous about coaching.  I came to a point in my career where I’d lost direction and felt I was no longer being effective.  One hour together was so immersive that I forgot about everything else that was gong on, then I was filled with tools, and I could apply them immediately to my job and open up my life to different things.  I’ve gotten more enjoyment in my life, not afraid of things now, and I can move forward more easily, don’t see problems, as a problem anymore, now it’s something to solve, more communication, more connectedness, more effective, better understanding, more enjoyable, the process was invigorating.” Wendy Curtis HR Professional 

“Ruth has a unique ability to know what people are ready for, not a skill that many have. She is able to use language that I can hear and understand. Working with Ruth, my entire outlook is different, I connected with a new level of calm that has transformed how I approach everything.  With a lot less energy things get done.  Meetings are more productive, people are more receptive, we get to mutually agreeable outcomes faster.”
Martha Okot Thomas, Professional Accountant.

“I was stuck and I had exhausted every avenue I could imagine. I had pushed as hard as I could, and I couldn’t see a different way forward. Your sessions with me have supported me through some massive life changes as I transitioned into a new level of business. After every session, I feel confident that I can do what I want to do, and I’m often surprised to realize that my reach may actually exceed my current expectations. I am handling stress in a different way. I feel less reactive, and more actively engaged in the creation of exactly the kind of life and business that I want.  With an increased sense of ease and lightness, my revenues are higher than ever. This is a direct reflection of the changes in me. As a coach, you are powerfully encouraging, but you also “call me on my shit.” You are exceptionally open, and offer a clarity of focus and vision that is quite stunning – yet you never push me beyond where I am ready to go. I am accomplishing more with less struggle. Thank you!”
Susannah Steers, Integrated Movement Specialist & Owner – Moving Spirit

“Before I started working with Ruth, I was stuck in the same pattern. I was working hard and not getting recognition for it. This continued to frustrate me and the cycle would continue. Ruth was able to pull me into the present, balance and re-direct my energy, help me rely on my intuition, and look for talent in people so that they could help me. What resulted was my performance and leadership potential were instantly recognized by the company. Even better. I was now “working” less. I feel like my future is now in my hands and I’m no longer sitting around waiting for things to change. This experience with Ruth has really become a game changer.” Christy

“I first worked with Ruth in my early thirties and have done so off and on for many years. The result? I have greater confidence in myself and greater trust in my own intuition. I judge myself considerably less and care for myself much better than I once did. Ruth has a way to cut through the static, noise, and anxiety and drill down into the essence of ‘what is’.  My work with Ruth has helped me to shape the person I have become. She has helped me think bigger both in my professional life and my personal life. She is able to call people on their stuff without shame, which is invaluable. She knows how to get things done, she is awesome at what she does, cares about people, brings integrity to the work, and is trustworthy. Ruth has encouraged me to make concrete, strategic plans and take clear actions in the direction of my dreams.”  Rev Caroline Penhale, United Church

“Ruth’s approach to leadership is free of sentiment, honest and grounded. I very much value the insight she provided when I was faced with complex issues. Her ability to provide focus in fast paced modern life is invaluable: thank you Ruth!”
Alison Martin, Communications Director

“Ruth you are so tuned in to your intuition, I learned so much about that from you, stepping back, rather than reacting, you were able to look at something from everybody’s point of view. I learned about negotiating with love, and that has effected every situation I deal with. It has offered me profound power that is mutually beneficial.  I loved that you were totally nonjudgemental, able to look at things from everyone’s perspective, and I knew you were on my side. Ruth knows how human’s navigate the insecurities and weirdness that we all have in relation to other humans.”
Jacquie Somerville, Life Coach, Speaker & Bestselling Author

“I’m taking my leadership to the next level, becoming more of the person who I envision I want to be. I have learned that I have choice throughout the day as to how I show up and this has helped me feel better about how I present myself and the job I’m doing. I feel more in control.” Jennifer VP, PMO, Investment Management Industry

“Working with Ruth is a dynamic, soulful experience that has propelled me to look more closely at what I am here to do and ways in which I can make that happen. Her nature inspires trust and respect while engaging in honest, direct and open exchange. It is refreshing and extremely helpful to work with someone who says it like it is with compassion and understanding. I find myself aspiring to more when I work with Ruth.”  Susan LeBlanc, LeBlanc Wellness Consulting Inc.

“Ruth is knowledgeable, genuine, outgoing, and generous.  During our time together she brought solid business acumen and  led me to explore both my personal and professional objectives.  She did so with compassion and wisdom and I felt confident in my decisions each step of the way.  Ruth focuses on the bigger picture while not missing the smaller details and she truly has made a difference in my personal life and in the running of my business.” Sherri Magee, author

“It was helpful to get a genuine assessment of current behaviours that are driving un-intended consequences with honest and constructive feedback on ways to improve. I developed a plan to bridge the gap from today to my personal objectives. I feel much more effective at presentations by evoking a calm and controlled demeanour.” Anonymous

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the session you led with the specialty nursing department on Friday. I think the activities aligned very well with our journey. I found it very useful and I have heard lots of positive feedback from the participants. With gratitude” Cheryl,  Leader – post-secondary education

“I’ve learned techniques and tools to help me deal with issues at work before I get to the point where I’m annoyed and driving home with clenched hands on the steering wheel. I feel like a different manager now! I’m approaching issues at work in a way that is mindful and with purpose. I’ve learned how to be more direct in my expectations in a way that is respectful. I am more relaxed, confident and happy at work and this has allowed me to have a greater work/life balance as I’m not bringing my work baggage home with me. Now instead of being caught up in the day to day stresses at work, I’m able to focus my attention on my long term goals for the department and for myself. I am glowing with gratitude for the tools Ruth has given me and I’m looking forward to working with her again. I would highly recommend Ruth, her insights and guidance will help you be more grounded, productive and self-assured. Thank you so much Ruth!” Supervisor, Corporate Operations

“Some years ago I received a gift of two sessions with Ruth Andermatt, Life Coach. Indeed, what a gift it has been, both personally and professionally. Working with Ruth promptly gave me clarity and focus, and the confidence that comes from these. Accessing what is important, relying on that, has helped me better define goals for the short and long terms. Ruth is an intelligent, intuitive, and above all respectful person. It has been a great experience that I would recommend, especially to anyone seeking to move better and faster in their life.” Marie, Geological business

“As we explored my life, Ruth has shared her intuitive insights and impressions: she has consistently challenged my perspective and enlarged my view of what is possible.  Along the way she has given me specific tasks to do (writing exercise, centering exercises, mediation tasks, conversations to have with people, lists to make, plans to develop etc).  Where I used to look at various possible work scenarios, see their vitality but feel that I wasn’t enough to do them, I discover myself saying “yes” I could do that.” Mary, Education  & Health Consultant 

“I am truly grateful that I met you. So much has happened in my life, and you provided me with the tools to deal with each situation. Whether it be my divorce, the challenges with my former company, or the family tragedies I faced.  I was able to draw from the lessons I learned from you and move forward with strength.” Ann,  Sales

“Thank you for being a part of our day. I loved that you took us on a journey, one that we normally do not take. Other people made the very same comment. A few people commented on the change in energy when the full circle was connected by hands. Very interesting. I felt very grounded and connected with my colleagues with that activity. Thanks once again.” Nursing Educator

“You have been so helpful in guiding me on my path to get in tune with myself and connected with my true desires, passion and inner excellence. This adventure has been life changing for me and you have been a complete blessing – I cannot thank you enough.”  Melanie, Chiropractor

“Coming to see you was one of the best things I ever did. I’m no longer on the doorstep, I’m through the door and there is no turning back … ”   Dylan, Writer

“You helped me really clarify my intentions and move more boldly toward my goals. We often think that we’re doing fine on our own but I see now what a great benefit it is to invest in oneself and work with a coach. It’s the difference between trudging along another year or two to realize one’s objectives or taking a leap and getting there in far far less time. I really appreciate your ability to quickly sift through all the data and focus on what really counts and all this in a very safe and non-judgemental way. Fabulous! Thanks again for a very valuable experience.”  Kharim, Photographer

“Ruth can listen to someone’s “truth” and accept that it is the truth for that person. That open energy is about fully accepting that person for who s/he is. It’s about having the innate ability to help someone hear him/herself; to be able to receive everything and reflect back the important bits”  Susan, Start-up Specialist / Entrepreneur

“Simply put, Ruth really makes a difference in my life” Susan, Entrepreneur

“I began working with Ruth a few years ago; when I felt that I was a little stuck in my leadership style, and abilities to manage a group of over 100 people. What has emerged out of my sessions with Ruth, is an acceleration into what I wanted but wasn’t sure how to get. Whenever I think I am done with sessions, a little time passes and I realize that I need another Ruth boost. She catapults me to a place where I walk out of my session and I put the wheels in motion to become more and expect more of myself and my group than I thought possible. Through my sessions with Ruth, clarifying my focus and motivations has impacted not only my professional life but my personal life as well, in more ways than I thought imaginable.”  Dominique, Musical Director

“My sessions with Ruth were a time and a place that were safe, honest, encouraging, real, surprising (sometimes) and spiritual. I looked forward to every session because I knew something great was going to come out of it. The process yielded an appreciation for ME – for who I am, for what I bring to the world and the people around me when I show up just as I am. I think it helped me get over the last hurdles that were still tripping me up so that I could truly move forward.”  Linda, Accountant

“A friend/co-worker who was working with Ruth recommended her to me. My life seemed to have a grey cloud over it and I could see that my friend was now moving happily forward. It took some courage to book a session. I’m not sure what I was afraid of. Ruth has been wonderful. She seems to know what you need each session while pushing you a little further out of your rut. I have learned a lot about reframing my perceptions of the world around me and how to accept life as a journey. The grey cloud is gone and I am moving happily forward too.” Judy, Accountant