Be Discerning Who You Allow To Influence Your Plans

Welcome to an A.C.E Moment with Ruth,

Yes it’s that time of year. Make plans, set intentions.
Welcome to 2019. I offer you as you consider all of this, take the information around you under advisement and then choose how you want to proceed.

It reminds me of an old story about a hot dog vendor. I heard this story when I was in sales at Xerox in the 80s. This hot dog vendor loved selling hotdogs. He would promote them on the radio, promote them in the newspaper, he would stand curb-side saying “come buy my hotdogs they are delicious, you won’t be disappointed!” And people came, so much so he had to increase his orders for hotdogs and buns and then he even had to buy a second stove. Things were going great, and then his son came home from university and said: “Dad, don’t you know what’s going on in the world? There’s a depression, there’s economic turmoil. You need to be careful with all this money you’re spending to create your business”. The Dad thought hmm my son has been away at university, I’d best listen to him. So he cut back on his advertising and he didn’t stand at the curb side, and sure enough his sales declined.

Consider who you choose to listen to as you make your plans for 2019.

Thanks for joining me,
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