How Are You Doing With The Mental Fatigue?


How are you doing in this crazy, extreme time of: hey I wonder what new could happen right now or perhaps in five minutes? A lot of the leaders that I’m speaking with are commenting on “well I’ve managed the scramble and we apparently are set up in a way that we can cope.” What they’re finding is that wow, it’s amazing how much you can learn when you know that you have to. It’s been a big “have to” chapter in adapting in the last few weeks. One thing I’m really noticing though with a lot of clients, is the mental fatigue is really catching up this week. So find a level of kindness for you, and an aspect of self care where you can get yourself restored this weekend because there’s more to come. What we’re starting to realize is the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty so we need you in the game and your leadership matters.

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