It’s All About M.E. (Managing Energy)



It’s All About M.E. (Managing Energy)

Welcome to an A.C.E Moment with Ruth,

Yup it’s all about me! M.E. Managing Energy. Sounds so very simple. And yet as we know when we go out into the world at work, rest or play it’s very easy to get distracted and drawn into something else. It’s become very apparent to me as I notice myself preparing in my choir for our big shows this weekend. Me and 169 close friends are going to be on stage squished on risers and let me tell you the energy is flying! There’s nerves, there is excitement, there’s “hey he should be doing” “she isn’t doing” and it’s become very apparent. Ruth, manage yourself. Take stock of what is truly mine. Managing me, no one else’s energy just me. So as I notice this it allows me to show up in a way that’s solid, without blame and actually sing to my heart’s content. I realize how true this is in any aspect of our lives, work, rest or play. So when you find yourself being met by walls of energy, take a moment, take stock, say it’s truly about M.E.(Managing Energy). And move on in the situation in a way thats solid and clean for you. 

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