I Could Never Deal With That!!!

It’s amazing what we can not only handle, but parlay into a new way of being.  I know in the light of day as we anticipate navigating the details of our life, we often will say, “I could never deal with that”!  And yet, most often, not only do we deal with it, we find a way to flourish with it.
My furry friend Loosey is nearly 8 years old, and if someone had told me 10 years ago that that I will be capable of launching out of bed at 5:00 am from a dead sleep to pin a 70 pound dog during a grand mal epileptic seizure, get covered in acrid, sticky urine, and stay with her for the duration, I would have emphatically told you, “that would absolutely not be possible, I’m useless in the morning”.
We don’t ever get anything more than we can handle in our lives, and it is often through these types of portals that we find that reserve deep within us to contend and find our way into new frontiers of our heart.  As much as I would love for Loosey not to have to endure these episodes, I also understand how much I have learned and opened to with learning to contend with her seizures.
When she had her first cluster of grand mals on the weekend, I found myself returning to that place of total fear, OMG, what if, and then I had to settle into, what is happening now and what else do I need to do to support her and myself in this safely?
I think back to when I was leaving my corporate life and entertaining the concept that it may be possible to do work that I truly love, it seemed so far beyond my belief system.  Today I am immensely grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to clients and that they not only pay me, but hug and thank me. 
I know that it is our own minds that limit our possibilities, and I, like many of you, have had to do my own dance with my beliefs and what I am actually available for on this earth.  Notice where you say, “I could never” … and allow yourself to explore that path and have the mysteries revealed to you.

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