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2012 London Paralympic medal winner Josh Vander Vies

Wow, what a day! I got to go to my favourite yoga studio (Moksha Yoga East Vancouver), hold a London 2012 Paralympic medal, and then chat with the medalist after our yoga class. Mondays don’t get much better than this!

When I held the medal, after the initial shock of how heavy it was, I was touched by the breath taking vibration that it generated in my hand. Perhaps it was the loving hands that had crafted it in the creation, or the jubilant supporters along the way, or most likely it was the juice that lurks deep within the athlete himself.

Inspired by the endurance, focus and achievement of the elite Paralympic athletes, Lin Cheung designed the medal with one side representing “Spirit in motion” and the reverse side representing the “Heart of victory”.

Today I went to yoga class to loosen my screaming quads after the downhill hike on the weekend, but then the universe knew better. What I really needed was for my heart and mind to be warmed by the pure presence of Josh Vander Vies.

After being on the mat next to Josh during the yoga class, I just couldn’t contain myself after class; I went and chatted with him. I shared with him that I write my blog about moments in life that inspire me, and that his presence had moved me immensely. As we spoke, I felt Josh’s conviction to living. He shared with me his training philosophy, “Wanting is not enough; working harder doesn’t always get it done. It is about finding the balance between drive and focus that allows any of us to achieve. Our minds control us, and we can train to control our minds.”

Congrats on your recent medal Josh, I know there are many more accomplishments to come and I look forward to hearing about them, but mostly I look forward to having your vibration radiate next to me in the yoga class reminding me to be the best I can be in that moment.

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