Tuning Into Excellence


Many people believe that excellence is a destination. I would like to suggest that excellence is a place that constantly resides within each and every one of us. The root of the word excellence is to ‘rise up’ or ‘to elevate’. When musicians tune, they essentially are ensuring their frequencies are in harmony so the musical notes feel good, and sound good. When we ‘tune into excellence’ we become more of who we are, and that is precisely what the world needs.

Think of two people who exemplify excellence. Are their attributes identical? The expansion of excellence is absolutely individual. If we attempt to emulate another person’s excellence, we may find it is like trying to get it right. The expansion of excellence is often confused with the quest for perfection. Perfection is a head-space about ‘getting it right’; excellence is the essence of who we are. Excellence is a way of being and it can vary from day to day. The key to excellence is doing the best we can in the moment, and know that it has a distinct organic feeling.

When I mention the word excellence, it is amazing how much of a trigger this word can be for people. Some tighten their laces eagerly wanting to get moving, while others come to a complete standstill consumed by fear of judgement. The word conjures up the feeling of being better than and that they will not measure up.

Tuning into excellence is a deliberate choice, and our capacity to ‘tune-in’ can vary based on the day and the circumstances. Just like a radio receiver, sometimes we have to spend time adjusting the dial for the optimal reception, and other days we simply turn the radio on. In our day to day existence, we tend to have many distractions that impact our performance. Mobilizing and focusing our passion to achieve excellence allows us to push aside those things that are not congruent with our own personal excellence. We do nothing good without passion; nothing excellent by passion alone. Passion is what gets us started on any endeavour, but passion alone will not bring the project to fruition. It takes courage to move into the excitement of excellence. Can you do it?

Of course you can!

You are in charge. Moving from competence to confidence depends on you and your willingness to cultivate your relationship to your excellence. My wish for you: Take a moment to deliberately consider what it is that inspires you and find a way to elevate by “tuning into your excellence … make a choice to live in partnership with your excellence because you deserve it.

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  1. Tuning Into Excellence

    Great post! I love the part about the musical instruments and frequency. That is so true. And we are also vibrating at specific frequencies. I see tuning ourselves toward excellence is a positive and constructive way to resonate higher and enjoy life to it's fullest! Great job, thank you!

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