What Good Is Conflict?

When we encounter conflict, it has nothing and everything to do with the person we have encountered. It allows us to see where we may be shut down or blinded by our own passion. The key is in understanding that in conflict there is always growth opportunities for all involved. It is never a 1-sided growing opportunity.

It takes courage to review and consider the roots of the conflict and not allow it to be all about the other person. Have we encountered conflict because we have mismanaged our personal boundaries, or had expectations of the other person that he/she is not able to live up to?! There is no right or wrong in conflict other than the need to be right.

Consider that conflict is a portal to deeper connection to yourself and the other person you have conflicted with. Find some compassion for yourself and the person you have encountered and give yourself permission to access the deeper wisdom that is making itself evident by this interaction.

What good is conflict? It is one of the greatest gifts that we can open our hearts and minds to!!! Allow yourself to notice where you have conflict in your life and be present to the possibility of a deeper connection.

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  1. What Good Is Conflict?

    Love it ! :-}
    It reminds me of a Ghandi quote that goes something like this, “If you can not see God in the next person you meet you need not look any farther”

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