A Diamond in the rough

Today I had the pleasure to visit Canada’s Northern House in Vancouver, one of the many locations featured during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. It was a rich and thought provoking display from the north … but what caught my eye today was “Truly Jenuine”. During a 15 minute talk on diamonds of the North, Jen, of Truly Jenuine, was able to help me to grasp the meaning of the age old saying ‘a diamond in the rough’.
She spoke of the intricate process of ‘brillianteering’ of the diamond for market. Where a slight mistake or oversight could devalue the diamond by thousands of dollars, so being mindful and aware is fundamental in her profession. It made me think of us as humans and how we are on the lifetime quest of ”brillianteering”. How, if we are remiss in being attentive to our ‘brillianteering’, we can devalue our preciousness on our journey.

We are all diamonds in the rough; it merely depends on how we choose to ‘brillianteer’ ourselves.

Jen of “Truly Jenuine”displays a

brillianteered diamond & a diamond in the rough

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  1. A Diamond in the rough

    I am always inspired by your writings, sorry I missed the northern house, I can see that it was in inspiration for you.

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