A time worth remembering:

Writing this blog feels like such an incredible gift. I can now see that people, aided by technology, can positively contribute to the world in their own unique way. There is a sweet and deep calm that sweeps over me on this the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. I think of my young uncle, who at 21 gave his life during WWII in an effort that he believed would positively make a difference in what would become my world. I never met my uncle, but through my mum’s stories, I came to admire him for his determination and beliefs.

As I left the limiting structures of the corporate world in 1997, I doubted that my single life would or could make a difference on this earth. I could see nothing that I was willing to give my life for. As I moved away from the narrow corporate confines of ‘this is how it is’ to seeing that there are a multitude of ways to contribute, I now saw that making a difference mattered, no matter what size the contribution was. I was willing to give my life for something!

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