Bearing With Renos

‘bearing with renos’
Rarely have I experienced the power of a single word in the English language that elicits such a significant response in people … the mere mention of ‘home renovations’ catapults people into their own myriad of reno memories.
I feel fortunate to have been able to have had them done, but most importantly, to have them completed and to know I will not be ‘rushing into’ a home reno again any time soon!
What are some tips you have discovered for navigating home renovations?

it’s nearly done”, says the contractor as the dust, yet again, wafts through the air!

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  1. Bearing With Renos

    We're at the tail-end of our renos, thank God! What I found helped me was focusing on the end result…the light at the end of the tunnel. Being able to envision my home back to normal–but even better(plus lots of deep breathing) helped keep me from screeching in frustration!

  2. Bearing With Renos


  3. Bearing With Renos

    🙂 Congratulations on seeing the end of the dust and making it through with your sanity intact!! As to my tip for navigating home renos? My philosophy has always been the same…buy new! In other words, the word alone has such a traumatic effect on me that I choose to avoid it altogether…

  4. Bearing With Renos

    We are reno hags…(our house is 50 years old) we just completed what we call Phase 3 last year and will probably head into phase 4 at some point in the future… one thing we learned is that when they give you a time line you need to triple it… (Oh it will take 2 weeks…. right, so it'll take 6 weeks). I love doing renos, because I like making a house my own…and I love to transform spaces. The more we do, the more I love my house, and every aspect of it, from the beautiful wood we put everywhere, to the tiles etc… all chosen by us. We never regret it! But yes, lots of teeth gritting during the process.

    We are also lucky to have found a brilliant general contractor, who is smart, respectful, talented and has great management skills and therefore has a great team of guys. You have to see these guys every morning at 7:30 am and so you'd better find ones you like!

    I love doing renos!!! But also agree with Peter and Kathy,…. definitely lots of wine and deep breathing (into my wine glass)…

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