Can you feel the energy in the air!!!

Energy Orbs at BWB’s Talent Show March 2010

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are in a room and the ‘life’ in the room is breath-taking?! I had the delight of experiencing this last Saturday night while I emceed our talent show. The choir I am in, Burstin with Broadway, had a talent night and the ‘energy’ in the room was so robust, I could nearly taste it. We had multiple performers during the evening, some stepping out for the very first time, and others merely stretching into new areas of performing. The theme was evident, the audience was thrilled to be supporting the expansion of all the performers, and as the performers were delighting in stretching themselves beyond what they had comprehended was possible. All in all, love was in the air.

Part way through the 2nd Act, I could no longer contain myself. I took my camera up onto the stage and took pictures of the audience. I was sure they thought I was going to do a silly “Oscar night” type skit but my actions were truly self-serving. I wanted to capture this energy … even if all I caught were their radiant 🙂 The bubbles you see seemingly floating through the photo are not bubbles, not the reflection of the glitter ball, but rather energy orbs.

(energy orbs: when the spirit is moving

Next time you are in a situation and the energy feels so delicious, allow yourself to drink it in … or perhaps even take a few photos.

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