… change, a part of life!

Change can be one of the most challenging and fear conjuring places we face.  Many people yearn to improve aspects of their lives, but very few people are willing to make the ‘deliberate’ changes necessary to achieve their desired results.

When I was in sales for Xerox in the early 80’s, one of the tenured Sales Reps took it upon herself to impart this gem of wisdom to me: “Ruth, the true definition of insanity is doing things the same old way (perhaps harder, bigger, or even faster) but essentially still the same old way hoping for NEW results.”

It is a life lesson that has been deeply embedded in my psyche since my early 20’s and when I come to a place in my life where I am hoping to improve or have different results, I ask myself, “What could I do differently to create the change I desire?”  What I have also come to understand is that the ‘doing differently’ typically is not as hard work as the trying so hard is.  I now understand that being intentional about what I am wanting to achieve is about allowing myself to explore different avenues that involve me making some changes!

Where in your life could you try a little less, in a deliberate way to yield an outcome that would be more pleasing to you?


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