Choosing a Life Coach:

It is essential you trust, respect, and are inspired by the person you choose to work with as this connection will likely be more intimate and intense than any other relationship in your life. When I began working with my life coach, she became more like a spiritual guide or a lightning rod for my ‘new normal’. I found in session that I was already ahead of the game by turning off my cell phone for 1.5 continuous hours and dedicating myself to listening to my thoughts.

There are a multitude of life coaches to choose from and the key to finding the ideal life coach for you is to be clear on what you want and need from this connection. If your life coach does not embody that which you are striving for likely s/he will not be able to offer this guidance in your transformation process.

In life there are many experts available, but there is nothing like the insight of a ‘true authority’ who has navigated the pathways you intend to explore.

Life Coaching with Ruth
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