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I started this blog in November of 2009, to cause you to consider … ‘try on’ some new thoughts that may positively impact the trajectory of your life. In honour of this being my 100th posting, I found the synchronicity of what a catalyst my boots were at the beach today as a conversation starter, too sweet to keep to myself.
me & my boots at the beach

As Loosey and I walked in the liquid sunshine, on a day that really only a duck and a dog would want to brave, I found myself in new conversations because of my boots. One woman who flew down the street on her bike hollering, “Hey love your boots, did they have them in yellow”? She truly caused me to consider the joy of being out on a rainy day with my dog while my feet were dry! Although our interaction was seemingly simple, it was a gentle reminder of how we all walk this earth together and how the casual effortless words we share can be just the timely support required to cause us to consider.

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  1. Conversation Starter

    I'm sure Alex would love this as she has a thing for red boots too. Love it.

  2. Conversation Starter

    Oh, that is so true, Ruth! And it reminds me that one can sometimes meet the most interesting people through the most ordinary of circumstances, such as a comment on an item of clothing or a moment witnessed and shared with a look.
    thx Len

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