Dreams Are Delicious

Dreams are truly delicious … somewhere over the rainbow when we bring them to life! Sadly though we often tuck them away for safe keeping, with the false optimism that they will always be accessible, and we can bring them to life later. But wait a minute; there are expiry dates to certain opportunities in our lives!

Keeping a dream hidden from the world is doing yourself and the world a disservice. You were brought onto this earth to ‘live out loud’ and to share your gifts with the world. Through you living your dreams and ultimatley having the opportunity for your gifts to touch another’s heart the world becomes a better place.

What is it you are waiting for?

To be able to look back, and say “well I can no longer … or would you rather say , “I hiked the Camino trail, or I wrote that book or I sang that solo” … we all know only too well that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow continues to move, so embrace your pot of gold that lies within and share it with the world … we are waiting!!!

So what delicious dreams have you been harbouring?
Declare them, and then bring them to life!!!

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