Facing 50!!!

‘Yippee for 50’

Birthdays are typically a time of reflection and introspection for me. A time to make some space to consider what was, what will be, and what I hope ‘will be’. There is something distinct though about facing a ‘big ‘0’ decade’ birthday. After 5 decades, I realize this very well may be the ½ way mark and I’m noticing the difference in how my 50 year old counterparts wear 50 on their bodies and what they have managed to create with their 5 decades.

More than ever before I feel the distinct pressure to ensure that ‘every step I take is taking me in the direction of my dreams’ … and even more importantly to review what I have come to believe ‘my dreams’ are. I used to wonder if there is a time frame to an opportunity? What I have come to understand is that there certainly are expiry dates to certain goals in this lifetime, and that we do have a bearing on how we create our life.

So the key is, “Now What”, but then I am hoping to have ample time to explore that in great detail during the wonders of my 6th decade.

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  1. Facing 50!!!

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you……
    the next 50 will be great!!!
    Love Brenda

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