Facing One of My Greatest Fears!

No stranger to the dentist chair, having had braces twice, gum surgery three times, multiple mercury fillings and too many crowns for a kid who studiously brushed and flossed, I went through one of my greatest fears today. I had dental work done without any freezing. I have come to live in complete terror of going to the dentist in the last decade as it typically takes two days for my body to recover from the assault.
A few years ago a friend referred me to the amazing dentist Dr Abbas Tejani in Kerrisdale. He is gentle, kind, adept, but mostly he is truly focused on what I need in order to have my dental work go smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. When I went in today, I tentatively brought up the idea of doing my crown & superficial fillings without any freezing. I shared with him that it typically takes me a couple of days to recover from any dental work and I had read that likely my dental-hangover issues were more with the medication for freezing than the dental work itself.
He looked at me, and said, “I can do whatever you need Ruth, are you sure this is what you want?” I wavered, being the chicken liver I am, with an incredibly low pain tolerance, and I said, “I think so”. He perceptively said, “We can do it any way you want, but it could be painful”. I grimaced, and I was about to cave, when he said, “Let’s proceed without any freezing, and you tell me if you feel any intolerable discomfort, and I will use some freezing to complete the work”.
I searched for many years to find a dentist with the capacities of Dr Tejani & his kind and thorough assistant Sharon. They totally supported me in the crossing over the threshold of one of my greatest fears, and now having only invested 1 hour of my day for dental work, rather than spending two days recovering from the trip to the dentist as I have done in the past decade, I am delighted to go about my day.
I am grateful I had the courage to put voice to my concerns, and I am ever so grateful that Dr Tijani and his team were able to support me on my dental journey.

Where is it that you need to ask for and receive support?

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  1. Facing One of My Greatest Fears!

    I'm glad you overcame that fear of going through a dental procedure without any freezing. I think that's because you are confident that your dentist and his attendant will take care of you. I wish more people can be as brave as you are.

  2. Facing One of My Greatest Fears!

    In chatting with my dentist, we really understood it was a combined success. My part was to put voice to it, his to be patient to discover whst I really needed and then working through the procedure with him knowing I was trusting him fully. It truly was a most magical experience … Who would have thought that the dental visit could provide such a spiritual moment in both of our days 🙂

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