Family Traditions

In our house growing up, Easter was all about chocolate. Not just the taste good activity, but rather, the lavish extravaganza of chocolate bunnies covering the entire ping pong table. As my dad was a Swiss trained Chocolatier, making Easter chocolate bunnies was in his blood (it didn’t dawn on me until after he died, why brown was his favourite colour). He made making chocolate bunnies look sooooooo easy.
I decided I would give it a whirl, and introduce my 5 yr old nephew to the art of chocolate. This would be my first attempt since my dad had died, so I scoured the internet, read what I could to fill in the gaps of my chocolate knowledge, ensured I bought excellent quality chocolate, and we were on our way.
I was so fixated on ‘getting it right’, and being consumed with my memories of easter bunnies from my childhood that I overlooked that I was creating a family tradition with my nephew … I let him, touch, taste and leave the process whenever he was so inclined … unlike the strict attention I was to adhere to as a child. So, as I went to open the mold and release the bunny, I said to my nephew, “this is a very complex process, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work!” As I removed the clips, my heart dropped, I had a headless bunny on my hands. My nephew gave me a great big smile as he thought this was the coolest thing. I got it was not about the outcome of the process but rather our time together!
The nice thing about failure with chocolate is that it still tastes good 🙂 Where have you failed to see the sweetness in your failures!!!

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