Finding a parking spot

Like most people, I often need the ‘nudge’ of necessity to force me to embrace opportunity. When I was working as a direct Sales Rep for Xerox in the 80’s, I was continuously in and out of clients’ offices in downtown Vancouver. Driven by commission, not wanting to spend money I was yet to have in my pocket, I was continuously on the ‘hunt’ for a parking meter (ideally one with time left on the meter).

After a particularly frustrating day with parking, I was in the bullpen at the office and a Senior Sales Rep, Joann, changed my life. In the battlefield of Xerox sales, Joann had a solid reputation, was an MBA grad, continuously ranked in the top 10%, was personable, and someone who managed to navigate the politics unscathed … she was a woman worth listening to. She matter-a-factly said to me, “Ruth, you must see the parking spot before you get there.” Simple straight and no fan fare. This sounded utterly ridiculous, but then I was desperate.

The following week, I put the ‘strategy’ to work. the clearer I saw the spot, the easier it was to access. I wasn’t sure how this ‘hocus-pocus’ stuff worked, but then I didn’t care, I was finding parking spots when and where I needed them.
When I met my partner 9 years ago, he thought I was kooky when I explained to him my ‘parking spot’ theory. Now, as he has been on the receiving end of the good fortune of finding parking spots with me, he is a big believer. I now understand it to be the support of the universe that is available to all of us … each time I find a spot now, I say thanks to the parking spot fairies.
Do you call on the support of the parking spot fairies? They really like to be of service, try it and when you find your spot, be sure to say ‘thanks’.

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