Finding The Courage To Grant Me Permission

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As we grow older, we become better at managing the speedbumps or … do we simply protect ourselves by removing them!?

Last week as I was attempting to memorize my music for the North Shore Music Festival, I hit the wall, and then the panic set in. I contacted my voice coach, Katy Hedalen, to withdraw. She gently brought me to a place of understanding that I could give myself permission to ‘not have to be perfect’ and to embrace the experience for some fun and learning.

Needless to say, I reconsidered and I went to the festival. As I waited two hours for my name to be called by the adjudicator, my heart was pounding, the lyrics had disappeared and I was certain I was ‘on a sinking ship’. Well, my name was eventually called, the gods and the stars aligned and much to my own surprise, “I nailed it”.

I realize I gave myself permission to ‘do the best I could do considering the circumstances’ and I had the freedom to ‘show-up’ and have some fun. I had underestimated my own capacity and I would have easily forgone what has become one of the first moments my heart has beaten since my dad died in December. It’s a thin edge we dance on when finding that healthy portion of stress to pull us up over the edge, but I see how easily we as adults will say no, before allowing ourselves to say ‘YES’.

Where can you cut yourself some slack, and grant yourself permission to say ‘YES’!!!

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  1. Finding The Courage To Grant Me Permission

    How interesting to have you say that… building from something my favorite anusara yoga teacher said a couple of weeks ago, I have been also playing with saying yes to the possibility that inhabits … whatever. in its orginal context, the guidance came with respect to the yoga pose (focus on the possibility, of where can still go, rather than what we can't do) .. which of course is a direct translation into life. It's not a new thought, but I have loved the idea of the possibility that inhabits a space …. and so it has resonated strongly with me as it has reappeared in my life. I have also been reminding myself that I am surrounded by help as I take that step to say yes, to believe in all possibilities…
    and – surprise, surprise – I am finding that I am supported in ways I might not have predicted / that things are moving when I was scared they might not
    thx Mary

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