For The Love Of Music

some of the amazingly awesome altos

Who knows how, when, why, where and with whom our paths cross, but when we least expect it, the intersections happen and life occurs!

I had the opportunity to join the Burstin with Broadway choir a few years ago, and my life has never been the same since. The choir was a single thought brought to life by our musical director Dominique, who has led the group from 8 to 108 members in only a few years with a clear and simple vision.

“a little more than singing has gone on since our lives have intersected”

Not knowing if I would fit when I got the call … “Alto?” I gasped for a moment, I wanted to reply with ‘not sure’, but then I simply said, “Yes“! Who could have imagined to what lengths my heart would swell by uttering that one little word.

This group of amazingly awesome altos, most of whom I would not have crossed paths with other than for our mutual love of music, have each touched my heart in a way I am most grateful for. Thank goodness, I didn’t have time to consider the question, “are you an alto?” Where do you need to get out of your way and simply say “YES” in your life so the music can begin?

Seymour our greatest fan

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  1. For The Love Of Music

    For the Love of Music is a great post! Thank you for sharing it. I love music also, not an alto though. I am a lyric coloratura, high soprano. I think music enriches our lives in ways nothing else can! Happy singing to you 😀

  2. For The Love Of Music

    Yes I couldn't agree more, the vibration is a magical thing for those who sing and those that experience the singing 🙂
    Happy singing to you as well
    cheers Ruth

  3. For The Love Of Music

    I went to your site just now knowing I would get some good energy from it after a long and stressful day. You have warmed my heart with this message. Thank you for posting this!!

  4. For The Love Of Music

    Great article!! I'm curious, when you got the call, was “Yes!” your first instinct for a response or was it “Not sure”? What I'm wondering is whether your first thought of answering with “Not sure” was perhaps an automatic response which you then thought about to come out with “Yes!” in the end. Or whether the thought process was really the other way around…that you first wanted to say “Yes!” and then had a moment of some sort of voices that tell you you can't (or something to that effect) to then come up with “Not sure”. Hmmm, I wonder if my question makes sense. In any case, I'm curious.

    Love the article and all the best for your concerts this week!!

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