Getting Started

I can recall the all consuming feeling of being trapped when I attended the national corporate meetings in the marketing ‘war- room’. This was a room in which we prepared, and finalized the launch of marketing programs. The focus was to ensure all the kinks were ironed out, and that the ‘latest’ marketing program was ready for powerful execution. I intensely disliked these meetings because they felt so contrived. I now understand with the wisdom of 20/20 hindsight it was not the meeting, but rather that I was not inspired about the product.

As I came to launch my life coaching services in the market, I swiftly understood how revealing it is to ‘be’ the product. I found it challenging to speak of my services. I thought back to being in that corporate ‘war-room’, and I realized I needed to take myself through the SWOT process to prepare myself to go to market.

(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
My strength was that I was able to see and develop peoples’ potential.
My weakness was that I didn’t believe people would pay me for this service.
My opportunity was that I continued to get feedback for guiding people to expand into their potential.
My threat was that I had to overcome my own constant fears of needing to be back in a corporation in order to achieve the success I envisioned.

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