Give us this day!

‘smiling sky’

This is the day that I have come to feel most human … the anniversary of my mum`s death. When I feel the fundamental human yearnings to hear her laugh, get a cuddle … I am aware of the cycle of life: the power of the in-breath providing inspiration, and the robustness of the out-breath offering the creative expression.
I still continue to dance with my human yearnings … but then I am human, and I have come to understand how critical it is to live `the chapter we are in`… in a heartbeat our lives can catapult into other stratospheres (thankfully at times).

I wish you well on your human dance today, take a moment to `focus on what is` rather than ‘what is not in your life’ … as you gain clarity of the essential elements of your life, you will discover there is so much more than it first appears!

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  1. Give us this day!

    Ruth, what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this. I love the picture and your thoughts. Bless you this day.

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