Gratitude: Thanking my lucky stars

After attending two funerals in one week, the last thing I wanted to deal with was my broken dryer. There were many other things I could imagine doing that would lift up my heart after the funerals, but there were clothes that needed drying. Who would have thought that getting a dryer repaired could be the highlight of my week?!

It was a dreary day filled with more rain than I cared to see, and yet the sun shone in my place when the dryer repairman arrived. The dryer repairman was prompt, thorough, fair priced and most magical of all an absolute delight. I thought I was getting my dryer fixed, but what he did for me was open my heart and mind with quotes like this:

“As the island of knowledge grows, so grows the shoreline of the unknown … life is better spent at the beach!” Don Broatch

I realize that life takes a little observation, sometimes the observation deck just doesn’t seem to be where I anticipate it to be. Reflecting on the week, I thank my lucky stars that my dryer broke down and I could meet this amazing man.

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  1. Gratitude: Thanking my lucky stars

    I found this quote very interesting and very true. It seems to me that you had a very wise and smart repairman. At the same time that he offers you a very nice quote; it can be used as a justification if he fails to fix your dryer's problem coz he can claim that he hits “the shoreline of the unknown”….:)))

    I think we (human) are wired for excitement/curiosity. Also we are asked to expand our little island of knowledge as much as we can so that's why “life is better spent at the beach” even thought sometimes it can be scary or even dangerous!
    I loved your today’s post. Thank you.

  2. Gratitude: Thanking my lucky stars

    Ha Ha I think he was trying to tell you that he would rather be at the beach than fixing a dryer.
    Great quote though I love it.

    Have a wonderful day!

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