Happy 1st Birthday!!!

1st birthday card from my older sis
Yippee, happy 1st birthday to my blog. Thank-you for your participation in its development. Having started the blog 1 year ago on a ‘dare’, I wondered where it would go … and now I see it is able to fly ‘beyond my imagination’.

Like the 1st birthday card my sister made for me, it was filled with promise, heart, and no feet on the ground enabling it to fly!! In celebration of all the support for the blog in the past year, I will offer 1 block of life coaching session (which is 4 full life coaching sessions by phone/skype/in-person) to the 1st person to email me at [email protected] to wish my blog happy 1st birthday!

Birthdays are so much more meaningful when they are shared!!!

Life Coaching with Ruth

t: LifeCoachRuth

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    Happy 1st Birthday Ruth!!!

    LOVE the birthday card…and congratulations and do keep on writing!!! Looking forward to your 2nd birthday…


  2. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    thx, yes I was delighted to see how vibrant the colours on the card are after 49 years in a scrap book … I have a sense my older sis determinedly applied the colour and that it must have been even more magnificent when it was initially delivered!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    Happy first birthday Ruth.
    Where has the year gone? I have enjoyed reading your blog and watching it grow.
    Looking forward to year 2. Keep blogging….

  4. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    I'm sure you have been inundated with 'birthday' wishes for your blog! But wanted to acknowledge the beauty and craft of your work anyway 🙂
    What a milestone (I imagine one of many many more to come) in the space you hold and work you offer.
    Much love,
    Jo x

  5. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    Happy Blog Birthday Ruth!

    Congratulations! I am sure this has been a fascinating experience for you and I wish you all the best in your second year!

    You probably know that the first year you learn, the second year you apply, and the third year you harvest all your knowledge. So, you are just going to get better this year at sharing your messages. I can’t wait to be one of the lucky recipients of your growth.

    Congrats again,

  6. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    How cool. Happy Birthday Ruth's Blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us for a year. Thought provoking, and genuine are your posts, just like you.

    Cheers, I'm having a glass of Shiraz to celebrate. 🙂

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