Happy New Year Valentine

a single bleeding heart

I have been crafting this blog posting for a very long time, and I have come to appreciate in life that some things require fermenting and some things need to get pushed over the edge to get moving … this blog I believe has taken both.

Welcome to 2013, a year unlike any other, and  to opening our hearts like we have never done before!

As we open our hearts allowing ourselves to be in touch with our own magic, we open to the capacity of touching another’s heart by simply being who we are, and to then know that the world will be transformed beyond what we could ever have imagined in isolation.

In my single bleeding heart, resides me which I have come to understand is a precious gift, more than enough for all the endeavours on my horizon.

I commit to the strength, tenderness, durability of my heart, my connection to the wonders of Mother Earth, the nobility of the stars and connecting to the powers of the roots of truth.  I embrace my capacity to persevere, learn, grow safely while opening my heart to grow beyond what I have previously believed possible or was willing to allow myself.

Knowing that 2013 will never come again, what do you want to open your heart to before the door closes?


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