How We Are Here!

There is nothing like an injury or physical ailment to reinforce the basics of how we are here.

The ‘monkey mind’ of staying entrenched in what is not physically possible because of not being able to do what we could whether it be temporary or permanent is so counter productive and yet so natural.  The aspect of learning to rehab in a way that is mindful so as not to inflame or impair a recovering body part while still going through the motions of a regular life is so humbling and the  frustration can be such a waste of energy.

I have been attempting to contend with simultaneous issues in both my shoulders where it hurts to sit/stand/sleep and it has limited my reach and capacity.  It makes me feel like such an observer in my life and yet I’m coming to understand there really is so much that is possible when I am not making myself busy reaching for something other than what is ‘right in front of me’.

What is within your grasp that you keep overlooking?


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