If I knew then, what I know now!

moving: boxes, boxes, and then more boxes!!!
If I knew then, what I know now! Well the thing is, that I did know. But I realize it is not about ‘what you know’ but rather ‘what you do with what you know’! I look back at my prior blog entry from the day before our move, I was committed to deliberately having ‘time to tune in’ as I ‘know’ it ‘only takes a moment’. But, it is amazing what occurrs with a move … our basic daily functions no longer take place in a simple mindless way, and ‘the best made plans of mice & men’.
I had focused so much on the ‘packing’ that when the task of ‘unpacking’ presented itself I was slightly ‘blindsided’ but then that may have also been due to the numerous ‘unexpected’ house guests … funny what we don’t even consider to factor in. Thank goodness we don’t really know as I now have caught my breath: the boxes unpacked, the company has departed, we were able to do it ‘all and then some’. It is amazing what can take place with ‘deadlines & determination’.
Nothing like moving to get me to ‘live in a new place’.
the joy of rennovations & unpacking
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