In The Presence Of Passion:

many thanks to our musical magicians

At my choir retreat with Burstin With Broadway last weekend, possibility was burstin everywhere! The workshop, “The Complete Performer“, was meant ‘to take us to another level’ in our singing, but I know that to be in the presence of the effortless passion, of our facilitator Mac Huff, the trajectory of my entire life has been positively altered, not just my performing.

Mac Huff’s passion is supported by extensive experience, education and a consuming yearning to assist each of us in ‘rising to another level’. He has an unwavering and complete belief for himself and you as a participant and he expects nothing less than excellence. As we came to understand during the workshop, ‘excellence is fun’. We all know that excellence doesn’t happen by accident, and it requires deliberate focus … now to grasp what this deliberate focus will look like in our lives.

Mac Huff is a music arranger, and as he spoke to us about ‘the intention of the creator’, although he was referring to the ‘musical creator’, I continued to hear, ‘the universal creator’, who wants each and every one of us to open to our passion, supporting it with the due diligence of interpreting it into what we do/sing in life.

This retreat has reminded me of how essential it is to ‘sing out loud’ in all endeavours, “knowing that change is inevitable, except from a vending machine”, says Mac. We all want to be amazing on ‘performance day’ but it is the journey/rehearsals where excellence and joy lives. Be mindful that every step you take is taking you in the direction of your dreams, and when the effortlessness is not there, review what you are doing, how you are doing it and where you are going. As we know, excellence happens on purpose, and today we each need to find ‘our purpose’ in relation to our music and how each one of us chooses to contribute to the choir.

One does nothing good without passion; nothing excellent by passion alone!!!
Mac Huff has an infectious style because he is passionate about music and life. I can only imagine what will become possible with me and my 112 friends in choir with the ‘passionate lift-off’ generated at this year’s retreat.
Where are you hoping for excellence in your life, and have yet to ‘be there on purpose’?

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