Life Takes Place In The Details

‘a loving cuppa joe for me’

As I was anxiously awaiting a delicious cuppa joe from my favourite 1-touch cappuccino machine, it dawned on me how distracting the details can be in our day, and yet how essential they are in experiencing the fullness of our day. We live our lives forward and yet we tend to only understand the details of it backwards! Here I was going to have some ‘me time’ during the multitude of details in my day, and the one detail I overlooked was placing a cup under the spout. So the one minor detail of a cup, delayed the tranquility of a simple cuppa a joe.
Details, details, details, can drive you crazy, whether we like it or not, they are so essential for living. Where are you resisiting the details that will allow you to fully embrace your life?
Life Coaching with Ruth
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  1. Life Takes Place In The Details

    You are so right about the details. Until I clicked on the facebook entry, I thought this was a picture of one honkin' fat burger bun. How nice to see what it really is AND the foam in the shape of a heart. Just in time for V-day. thanks Ruth. I love to read your entries. They really make me think about my life and priorities. Things can change so quickly and change is good. We should have more times that we can sit back and refocus. Hugs.

  2. Life Takes Place In The Details

    HA HA… no cup under the spout. Too funny… I lost my voice yesterday after singing with a sore throat, and had forgotten how difficult it is to function without the little detail of a voice. Getting kids ready for school, paying at the till, etc… very complicated when you can't talk. I think when we lose the ability to focus on the details of the present moment because we are so engulfed in the future details, it just means we need to slow down… and focus on what we are doing now. Easier said than done for me though!

    My daughter said to me “do you want me to see if I can find your voice at school?”.

  3. Life Takes Place In The Details

    Rather interesting how at times the details swell so we loose a grip forcing us to recalibrate and consider other options … Such as finding our voice at school:)
    That is so clear how unobstructed a child's imagination is.
    Thx for sharing

  4. Life Takes Place In The Details

    Yes, enlightened, positivity messages emenate from simple, overlooked details.

    …As was respect which people showed you after having sent out your Dad's memorial note.

    namaste, peace, eh


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