Making Decisions

We are all faced with decisions, some easier to make than others. But regardless of who we are, we tend to have a certain style of decision making (whether it works for us or not).

Anticipating the ‘fork in the road’, we can often struggle with making the ‘right’ decision. We tend to compound the pressure of the process of decision making by turning it into a success or failure outcome. When we are making a decision, we certainly do not approach it with the thought, “Oh I sure hope I make a lousy decision”. We need to remind ourselves that with the information available and to the best of our ability, we attempt to make ‘good’ decisions for ourselves and the ones we love.

If you could allow yourself to consider that there are no bad decisions … only the decisions that we have made that ‘no longer work for us’. It is only a bad decision when we know it no longer serves us and we carry on out of fear. This is when it is critical to make adjustments or get the necessary help to make the changes (no matter how intimidated we are in the process).

Life is not a series of successes and failures, it is about experience, learning, and expanding our wisdom. The universe desperately needs you to be all that you are … consider for a moment that you are fully supported … Can your next decision making process actually be fun for you?

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  1. Making Decisions

    I wished I had kid (well I’m looking for his mom now:) then I would not need to struggle for ages to teach him how ‘fun’ and ‘evolving’ can be this “Decision Making” process. He just needed to read your today’s post! You put it in a very smart way. Thanks.

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