Making March Marvellous: The Way You Feel Is Everything

Long before getting to the start of their event, the Olympic athletes had to figure out how to ‘feel good’ in order to access their ‘gold medal’ performance within them. One of the most outstanding insights I heard at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games was when a doctor commented on what he believed to be the biggest contributor to performance over the past 20 years. I thought he was going to say, equipment, or coaching, or training, or dedication but what he said was nutrition. He believes the single most contributing factor in Olympic performance has been nutrition. Now this made me pause, ‘hey I can do that, but do I?’

Most of us know what does not work well for our bodies, and yet refuse or pretend not to listen. You do not have to be attempting to climb to the top of the podium to want to feel your best. While you are running your own life-marathon tomorrow, consider how you choose to fuel your body. If in doubt, there are a multitude of support mechanisms available to assist you, it is your choice whether you utilize them or not. You are worth it!!!

“Whether you think you can or your can’t, either way you are right”
Henry Ford 1863 to 1947

We have a choice,
which dog would you like to be?
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  1. Making March Marvellous: The Way You Feel Is Everything

    Yes I believe that nutrition is the key factor to our health and well being, it was nice to hear the athletes talking about the food they ate previous to their event. Who knows the general population might just take a look at what they eat on a daily basis and learn something that will help them be more fit and healthy. As for the dogs I will take them both one for my good days and one for my bad day.

    Thanks Karen

  2. Making March Marvellous: The Way You Feel Is Everything

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