Making Me Accountable To My Goals

There is nothing like the accountability of a group to get me to achieve my goals. I have signed myself up for a 168 kms cycling race this year in July … which in training terms, means I need to be moving my legs NOW. But then, for anyone who has seen the copious liquid sunshine in Vancouver lately knows that it is not the inspiring weather that one needs to get out and cycle.

Yesterday was one of those days, the heavens had opened … even my dog Loosey was unimpressed when we were out for a mid day walk. As the afternoon wore on, I got less and less likely to drag myself out into the weather. As I phone my cycling coach 35 minutes prior to the clinic’s start time, I recalled why I committed to a hill clinic, to get me out on uninspiring nights exactly like this. Darnelle assured me, “it’s on!” Aah, now I truly had to live up to my own declared goals!
I went, I got up most of the hills, to my great delight, and we managed to dodge the raindrops for a couple of hours. I was thankful that I had the accountability of the group to drag me off the couch and onto my bike … amazing how my perspective had changed, as I rode home I noticed that even some of the cherry blossoms had come to life in the last few days … we were all better off for the fresh air!

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