Mediocrity Is Not A Long Term Strategy

from gaudy green to black in ‘no time flat’

As I tediously attempted to paint over the gaudy green colour on the fence of my new house, I kept thinking about the concept of mediocre. I was struck by the brilliant idea to paint the fence of my new house late Saturday afternoon, because really it ‘likely was only going to be a couple hour job’.
As I was ‘broiling’ in the delicious Vancouver sunshine, the concept that “mediocrity is not a long term strategy” kept rolling around in my head. I wanted to be finished, but each time I was convinced that a particular section of the fence was sufficiently done, I’d remove my sunglasses only to be struck by ‘bursts of green dots’ peeking out from underneath the black. I knew that I did not want to be dragging out the painting supplies, and cleaning the brushes more than I had to, and I also knew in my heart of hearts that sub-excellent performance often takes more effort.

Having severely underestimated the scope of the project, I was determined to do ‘a job’ that would allow me to appreciate the new fence colour without wanting to continually pull out the painting supplies and do touch-ups. As my back began to ache, and my tummy demanded attention, I forced myself to tune into a longer term vision of the fence. Much like life, we’d like the current ‘challenge/hurdle’ to be handled, I have come to realize that doing it ‘right the first time’ is the long term strategy that brings me joy … where in your life are you ‘rushing’ to complete rather than allowing yourself to intentionally move past ‘mediocre’, and live the life you deserve?

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  1. Mediocrity Is Not A Long Term Strategy

    I know how you feel about your fence! I enjoy seeing my projects finished well. If I can't finish them I get rid of them. But, my house remodeling has taken four years now. It's not easy to stay on top of doing a good job. Some things take a bit of time and a few back aches for sure!

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