Miracles do happen

Mel ‘On Top Of The World’
Wapta Icefields Yoho National Park

Let me take you back to a phone conversation I had a couple of weeks ago with my niece who is at university with a gap since she has taken her prerequisite high school courses. She has an eye on her vision, but now it is boiling down to ‘bringing form to her dreams’, in other words she needs to get the grades to continue down her chosen path.

“Hi Aunty, yup I just finished the exam, it was brutal, I did my best, but who knows … it will be a miracle if I get the marks I need on that one!” says Mel.
“You know Mel, miracles happen every day … be clear on your vision and do the due diligence to bring it to life”, says me ‘Aunty’.

I was delighted to get Mel’s text on Monday saying she had gotten the grade she needed on this exam to proceed down her chosen path. Know that when you want to do something extraordinary, you need to do something ‘extra’ to the ordinary in order to bring it to life. Mel is now on top of the world, as she embarks on her chosen path, knowing that if the path was easy then everyone would be on it.

Way to go Mel for accessing what miracles are made of: desire, belief, tenacity, a good night’s sleep, and asking for and receiving the support from your ‘guides & angels’.

Is your vision clear? Do you know how to find it within yourself to do the extra to the ordinary to live the life that inspires you?

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  1. Miracles do happen

    Love it! I have to smile. Just wrote about a similar thing today as well. 🙂 I like the part about adding the extra to the ordinary!

  2. Miracles do happen

    Hi Kharim
    thanks for taking the time to comment … I find we often get so focused on the extra, it is essential for us to do the basics daily (the ordinary) and then add the extra, not the other way around.
    have an extra ordinary day, however you choose to use it
    cheers Ruth

  3. Miracles do happen

    Oh yes, I agree. The extra without the ordinary won't amount to much. Great reminder. I had just come back to reread this article this morning.

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