Only Love Defies Impossiblity

Loosey & Ruth
It is about time for me to tell you about my furry associate who has been one of my greatest gifts, Loosey.
The death-defying scream punctures the early morning quiet in my condo, as the chill of the concrete tiles invade my spine. Thinking this was merely another 5:00am episode of vomiting, I yell for my partner to come once I hear Loosey shrieking. As I fumble to find the 24 hour vet number, thoughts were careening through my mind, was she having a stroke, a heart attack, or … what? The vet gave me little guidance other that if she was having an epileptic seizure, to be very calm and quiet around her, and to know that she would be rather disoriented when she revived.
Having had some distance from the acuteness of the situation, seeing blood sprayed across the white enamel of the bathtub, my heart dropped. What else had happened? I looked into the deep dark brown eyes of my partner to see the ache of helplessness right at the surface. Now standing in the lukewarm 1 cm of urine, we could see that Loosey was forlorn and certainly disoriented.
“Where is the blood from?” I blurted out. I had not seen my partner holding his right hand in the air as he was squeezing his right thumb. The thumb that was caught in Loosey’s mouth while she seizured.
“Okay then”, I check in with myself, “truly, now what?”
Nine grand mal epileptic seizures, fourteen vets, copious time spent on the internet, much well-meaning but useless advice, and many tearful moments later my partner, Loosey, and I have discovered that truly only ‘love defies impossibility’. The various vets had told me that only 1% of dogs have grand mal seizures, and it was impossible to deal with grand mal seizure in dogs without medication. Knowing that medication would certainly yield other complications, I was committed to finding another route. It has now been 1 year since Loosey has had an episode (considering she had had 9 grand mals in 17 months before she was 3 years old) we are feeling rather fortunate.
Loosey is my assistant during coaching sessions, and I knew it was essential to find a ‘different’ way through this. Although challenging, consuming and upsetting, I know now that it has been a gift beyond measure in learning to trust my intuition and call on support in a way I have not ever allowed myself. If I had listened to the ‘experts’ my sense of what was possible would be a lot smaller. Our gifts come in different shapes, mine just happened to come wrapped in a bundle of fur.
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