Partnering with energy:

As I listen to the radio this morning, they speak of how today Friday the 13th is considered by many to be a day of great superstition. I am a great believer in the unseen, untouched and it seems for me on Friday the 13th people make much more of an effort to be tuned into their body and their actions.

What I noticed as I grew into my way of operating in the world is how easily I disassociated from my actions, charging along on auto-pilot. The luxury of time provided me time to indulge in my introspective curiosities’. I had mastered the on-task, on-time mentality, and I was craving the integration of my intuitive capacities. Having not allowed myself to dwell in this area of my life I explored routes to get there. I was introduced to Reiki (Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy, the energy which is all around us), and
I soon discovered although it is evident that energy is all around us (thunder, lightening, wind), I was totally unaware of how to work in partnership with it.

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  1. Partnering with energy:

    Your take on Friday the 13th is interesting. I too enjoy the prospect that something might happen, on this special day. Today we had an exceptional thunder, lightening and hail storm. What a full energy day. Thanks for the insights Ruth.

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