Positively Embracing Change :)

How often have we all heard this? As much as I know change is an essential part of healthy living, I had a big laugh at myself when I showed up to my spin class this morning to find the instructor had changed. I could feel the ‘panic’ rising in my body, and the struggle I experienced with myself to realize that there may possibly be something here for me.

As critical as change is to our very existence, we tend to resist or deny ourselves the opportunity when it presents itself. So, as I sat spinning on my bike, my legs desperately attempting to find fluid movement, I knew I had to be very deliberate to make the ‘mind body’ connection, to make it through the class.

The class was a sheer delight! Who would have thought that the spinning of the sprocket would help me to integrate the power of the antagonist (quads) and the protagonist (hamstrings) into a fruitful flow. A concept my writing instructor has been attempting to have me grasp for years.

The very nature of exercise is built on the concept of change through resistance designed to make us healthier in our bodies. As much as I know this, I am humbled when I slam into the ‘wall of fear’ and I must deliberately connect to find my way through.

As wise as we get, we do need to ‘show up’ to enjoy the ride!

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