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“the finish line within sight”

As I passed Squamish and I cycled up next to a woman who had placed an inspirational message to herself on her handle bars, “I think I can”, I found myself considering, “I know I can”, but then I was only half way and the ‘defining part of the race’ was about to present itself.

As I came into the canyon after Squamish, the temperature rose to 39 degrees Celsius, and in the final kilometres of the 122 kilometres race, mother nature decided to prove who is always in charge. The heat felt as though it continued to climb, and after the 8 kilometres climb out of Squamish and what felt like an impossible hill, mother nature decided to graciously offer a headwind.

Throughout the race, I had been asking for support from my dad to keep my path safe and my tires free of punctures. I hadn’t considered asking him to deal with the weather. I found myself becoming obsessed with the headwind, to the extent I was spiralling away my energy. I knew I had a limited supply of energy and I could feel myself begin to battle the self-doubt.

I then could hear my mum kick in, “enough of this, you’ve got more in you than to be knocked about by the headwind”. Once I stopped ‘giving away my energy’ with the request for it to switch to a tail wind, I could feel my power go back into my peddling. I knew at this point in the race, I had limited resources and I found myself becoming anxious about what else mother nature may decide to give to me. As I made the mental switch, I was happy to only deal with the heat and the hills.

It is not until we have to dig deep and see what resources we have available within do we understand the importance of supporting ourselves and truly celebrating our own achievements. I am grateful that the challenge was enough to have taken me to my edge safely, and to have been able to see the goal through to completion.

Are you your greatest supporter? If not, why not!!!

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  1. Self Talk

    I find it very cool how you constantly stretch your boundaries, trying things which you find scary just to experience them. I cannot even imagine getting on a bike and riding that kind of a distance, though I did in younger days do some nearly 9 km portages with 125 canoe on my head… so I get what you are saying about not giving into doubt. Though much easier when there is no choice to be made, no option to “opt out”.

    What I loved about Canoe trips was the fact that there was no choice to be made… no one to pick you up if you stopped… you had to get to the other side with that canoe… I'm not so sure I'd finish a race or something strenuous had I had the opportunity to “give up” and get in a car and relax! ha ha ha.

    It is really fascinating to me how it's really a “mind game”, how so much energy can be wasted on “what ifs”, and “how can I get out of this”… rather than being in the moment, regardless what that moment is and taking it as a lesson. Especially when it is hard, living it to the fullest, expressing it to the fullest, whether that expression is anger, fear, sadness, sorrow, passion, courage, or determination…whatever emotion is emerging, to avoid tempering it, and to just go with it. The only feeling that should not be encouraged to emerge is self doubt and self deprecation…

    Thanks for the post…

  2. Self Talk

    Oops, I meant to say 125 pound canoe…

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