Smartie Pants

On the break from choir the other night, I did what I often do, I cruised the craft tables in the lobby looking at the handmade craft items that the ladies of the senior’s centre put out for sale. There in a basket where these adorable little pants that hollered ‘touch me, feel me’ and as I got closer I could see that these swatches of material were sewn into pants that were filled with Smarties and thus … “Smartie Pants”.
It made me think of being a smart alec as a teenager, when my mum used to chant to me, “smarty held a party, and no one came”! I consider how these elderly ladies, who on a whim, made these little Smartie Pants and how each week my choir friends and I flock to their craft tables to score their weekly bargain priced creations and it reminded how essential it is to be in touch with my smarts in a genuine way.
Thanks for following your whim craft ladies, I look forward to the next catalyst you provide as I cruise the craft tables 🙂

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