Take 10 for YOU

It seems to be that time of year when we get obsessed with making resolutions, attempting to rectify all of our ‘distracted ways’ in no time flat. When I look at the 13 most popular resolutions in the USA , it makes me smile as I am sure the list hasn’t changed much for most of us over the years.

Ask any gym owners; how great the attendance is by the end of February after the January gusto has worn off. The key behind creating inspiring goals is to understand if we wait for the ‘appropriate amount of time’; likely the goal will never be tackled. In a society where ‘time’ seems to be our hottest commodity, I like to work time to my advantage and consider ‘taking 10 for me’, every day. To focus on what it is that appeals to you, whether you take 10 to stretch, write, clear out the clutter from a drawer, or sit and meditate … if we wait for enough time to tackle an entire project, likely the project will not get started. Look back on 2011 and ask yourself, how many of those projects/goals that roll over on your list from year to year did you even touch?!

Know that you are the youngest you are ever going to be, taking 10 minutes each day for you to bring life to your dreams and know that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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