The day I decided to work with a Life Coach:

After a long night in the delivery suite in the hospital, I walked out into the late August morning which was warm and the light understated. To be in the delivery room to witness the arrival of this precious being was breathtaking, but it was walking into this dullness that captured me the most. I could feel the pulse of the earth in the arrival of this new being, and yet I could not feel the pulse within me.

At 34 weeks pregnant, it was decided for my friend that this would be a safe time for the baby to be induced so that the doctors could get started with her chemo treatments for her breast cancer. So much life was happening around me, but not within me. I realized although I knew what I was yearning for; I did not know how to create it. That is the precise moment I knew I needed to make some shifts in my life, and that I needed help to do it. I had been given a name and number of a ‘woo-woo woman’ by a friend a few months before, and as I got to my car in the parking lot, I called G.

Life Coaching with Ruth
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