The Joy Of Neighbourly Love

Our Wonderful Neighbours

Every once in a while, we are fortunate to feel the love and support directly from the people in our life.

I was becoming mired down by the tedious details of moving when ‘out of nowhere’ our neighbours threw a ‘surprise farewell party’ for us. My heart was filled to overflowing!!! The kindness, the joy, and OMG the food was delicious. We know how much others mean to us, but often we don’t have any idea how much people care about us, for whatever reason … but when we do, it is ‘magic’.

Be sure to share the ‘magic’ with the people you care for … you will all be better for it!!!

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  1. The Joy Of Neighbourly Love

    Great post. Nice to see that neighbors still care and you both are so fortunate. Hope the move goes smoothly!

  2. The Joy Of Neighbourly Love

    We miss you three! Hope all is settling down and it is beginning to feel like home 🙂
    Your neighbour always, Violetta

  3. The Joy Of Neighbourly Love

    What a wonderful gift to have had such good neighbors. May your life continue to be blessed with loving neighbors and eternal friendships!

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