The Magic of Communication

The power of the spoken word when propelled with passion and generated from a place of pure intent is magical. We live in a world of words, some words we take responsibility for, some we throw out there in a cavalier way. I know when I worked in the corporate world, there was much attention put on ‘body language’ but what I have come to understand now, is that it is the intent behind our communication that dictates the body language and delivery. How we say it rather than what we say!

When I went to Iran to meet my in-laws, I had a very limited command of the language. For someone who is so verbal, I found this paralyzing until I grasped the concept of listening with my heart. The more I listened with my heart the more I was able to discern the ‘essence’ of the conversation. When I returned to Canada, I gravitated back into believing in the ‘illusion of the spoken word’.

Last week I attended a fund raiser, Athletics For Kids, and I had the pleasure of sitting next to a local radio personality, Tara McGuire from QMFM She is what I like to refer to as a ‘no shit Sherlock’: straight shooter, shrewd, intuitive, tenacious, and engaging. Her profession relies entirely on the spoken word, or does it? She shared with me the challenge of sitting in a dark room with a microphone and communicating with the outside world. Although she is very articulate, what captured me the most was her enchanting energy! I found myself deeply listening to her, and feeling grateful to experience her.

It takes an immense amount of belief in ourselves to communicate from a ‘dark room’ out into the world … but when it is generated from a place of pure intent, the impact is powerful. Consider the intent behind your next dialogue, conversation, chat … are you having the impact you intend?!

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