The Measure Of A Life

home sweet home 1956

As my siblings and I, attempt to pack up our family home that we have lived, loved, and laughed in for 55 years, it is heart rendering to consider ‘what the value of life’ is. We all know that it is not the ‘stuff’ but ‘the moments we shared that are the value’.

As much as we each know that our time ‘here’ is temporary, there is nothing that ‘hammers this concept home’ like the collasping of a lifetime of memories from a family home. I find myself reflecting on my impact, my legacy, and my temporary status here on earth … makes me want to ‘get on with things’ but that will need to wait a while until I am able to catch my breath from the current task. What I do want to keep current in my heart is how much life there is in dying, and as it serves as a poignant reminder to ‘live the life you are in’.

Have you noticed any openings for living in your life that you have neglected?!

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  1. The Measure Of A Life

    I love the first house photo! How fun to look back to the start and think of the evolution that this brand new house made to become a long term family home.
    I will miss the kitchen nook, the cookies and the warm conversations. Life becomes so comfortable and you think these places will always be there.
    Now they will only be in our memory but never forgotten.
    This house now has a new job to make it's next family welcome.

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