The Moment of Readiness

The blog post & photo today is provided by Jo McCarthy.

I sip my tea, humbled by the tiny spider nearby creating a beautiful, strong and inspiring web, a web filled with messages and lessons. The spider now sits, resting in the heart of its creation. I sit, inspired and in awe. I feel an aliveness through every cell of my body. The magic of the mystery. The possibility within the unfathomable

I look up and notice that, during that time while I have been ‘getting started’, this little bright yellow-brown spider, has created something beautiful. He creates something so much larger than himself, he spins something that one would never suspect possible from his delicate and diminutive form. It simply creates, naturally and organically, with the same degree of attention and care, no matter where it is. Maybe through that building and re-building, each time perhaps in different settings and circumstances, it becomes ever more adept at its craft.

At the same time, however, I realize that reaching that moment of readiness for the ‘creation’ to commence is not something to be ‘forced’ or ‘pushed’, just as there are moments during weaving the web that the spider pauses, apparently awaiting the invitation of movement to arise. I come to settle with the appreciation that it’s only when I listen and allow myself to be present with what is, and a gentleness to arrive that a pathway reveals itself almost effortlessly. How a day, an hour, a minute can change everything… when we’re open to listening.

Jo McCarthy (Lawyer, Holistic Bodyworker, Liver of Life)

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